antoniettacanucci.wordpress.com is a second life fashion blog. All thoughts, opinions and images on this blog are original and the property of the respective authors, unless otherwise stated.

The images that you see on this blog are photoshopped (unless otherwise stated) I do edit the photos but I do my best to make shure they are not so modified, is not my intention that items looks not like they are, but please be sure to demo each product before purchase to assure your complete satisfaction.

Promotional items given to authors of this blog will be noted within the post to abide by the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Second Life ® , a Linden Lab ® , Second Life Grid ™ , SL ™ , Linden ™ , SLurl ™ e WindLight ® são marcas comerciais ou marcas registradas da Linden Research, Inc. Todos os direitos reservados . Nenhuma infracção se destina. slnotanother.wordpress.comnão é afiliado com ou patrocinado pelo Linden Research.


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