I’m not good with descriptions, expecially about me, I preffer to talk about facts like things I know that are right and can  not be contested just because I’m so practical.
But here I go with my practical informations, avoiding to talk too much because theres enough drama for me, I’m polemic in silence doing nothing so…

I have been a Second Life™ resident since 2006 I can’t remember  the month or day because I was 15 and I’m 21 years old now.
I always worked like a photographer, I just start to do pictures for me and than friends gave me the great Idea to earn some lindens than here I am also graduated In Fashion and photography in my real life. By following my friend’s suggestions aggain I’m blogging  for 2 years! I also work as a model when I really need.

I’m creative art director for the iNOVARE Magazine

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