Sur Mer sim <3

sur mer

My neighbour sent me a IM this days, she probably know how crazy I am about this kind of sims, I’m a “rentaholic” I live on 3 sims at the moment. She sayd: Anto would you like to blog our sim? And omg! Such a beautiful French  themed sim! its called ‘Flux Sur Mer’.
Posh Jones,Mya Richards, tand Nic Bour made a great work, I loved every single detail, I’m going to show you some pictures, we had few days to do the pics and I was in the meaddle of my rl exams, and studying for the Toefl.

The sim is finally open!!



HAIR: Moon – Storm
HEAD: Mady by myself for personal use




BAG: Spice – Zenith @Uber
NECKLACE: Chianna – Earth StonesBANGLES: Katya – Earth Stones

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