Lelutka mesh heads Tutorial lets get ready!


This picture is heavy edited, my friends challenged me to edit a picture with other technique something that looks totaly different of my style, so this is for you ❤ You can find the raw below on this tutorial.

Lelutka Released 3 mesh heads Aria, Leda, and ever. All Lelutka’s heads were primarily created for Maytreya Lara mesh body so they have the Maytreya applier to match perfectly the head to the body. The skin was designed by Aida Ewing the amazing creator of Glam Affair. I went there to meet the lelutka staff  and the new store ( this is a fabulous building very detailed tres chic) with other lelutka bloggers and friends, it was very funny the bloggers and the lelutka team are the sweetest ever.

Today I was talking with Lelutka’s PR, she said that you can ask her any question about the head, so please feel free to contact her ❤  [08:41] Mavi 青 (mavi.beck): send them over here to aunty Mavi

I can’t hide how much I love mesh heads, so everyone knows about what I feel with a new toy, I’m going to tell you my first impressions, what I liked, what at least for me was missing, this is all about my opinion  and they are all positives about this head. I’m going to help some friends who have doubts about how to set up the head, so lets explore it together.
The heads also works with Slink Physique Body, they say on the notecard that ” it is the responsibility of the customer to verify whether the heads work with other mesh bodies by trying the demos available in the store before”. For sure you girls are going to try the demos before buying the heads right? Continuing, other important thing that you need to know is that even if theres a possibility for you to change the neck size in the hud and you can also change the head size by editing your shape, The Lelutka’s Heads don’t works with sl default avatar body, they were not made to work with standard avatars, so if you want to try it on a default avatar do it by your own risk then please buy a Maitreya body, this head deserves to be flawless matched.

*After buying the Head, you may need to fix your mesh eyes position, they concern you in the NC to space this around 60.
*Advanced lighting model must be active to use some features of the LeLutka head hud.

What is included on my Package:
*    LeLutka Head – Leda v1.0
*    LeLutka HUD Leda 1.0
*    4 Alpha layers (Head no eyes, Head with eyes, Head&Body no eyes, Head&Body with eyes)
*    LeLutka Basic Hairbase-Applier (includes 8 colours in Fine and Thick versions)
*    LeLutka Rogue Bun & Bun HUD (Hair attachment for a sleek updo, with 8 matching colours)
*    LeLutka Basic Lips-Applier (two lipstick colours)
*    LeLutka Eyeshadow-Applier (two liner options, one shadow)
*    LeLutka Facelight

Head Features:
*    Open/Close Mouth
*    Open/Close Eyes
*    Hide/Show Ears
*    Blinking
*    Neck Sizes (0,5,7,11,24) Sizes will correspond with Maitreya Lara Body, Size 5 Recommended Slink Physique Body
*    Base Skin layer (Brown Brows)
*    Two Make-up layers (eyeshadow, lipstick)
*    Hairbase layer (tintable)
*    2 styles of Lashes (tintable)
*    Shimmer & Gloss – advanced lighting model must be active for this option to be seen
*    Shape changeable via SL appearance shape sliders for Head Stretch & Head Length. Head size can also be accessed via appearance.

Hud Features:
*    Minimise/Maximise Hud buttons
*    Information (?) Button (to LeLutka.com)
*    Detach (X) HUD Button
*    Open/Close Mouth Buttons
*    Open/Close Eyes Buttons
*    Hide/Show Ears Buttons
*    Blink On/Off Buttons
*    Neck Size Buttons
*    Base Skin Buttons (10 tones)
*    Head Shimmer Slider (full face)
*    Head Shimmer Restore/Remove buttons
*    Show/Hide Eyeshadow Layer
*    Eyeshadow Blend Slider (regulates eyeshadow intensity)
*    Eyeshadow Shimmer Slider (regulates shimmer intensity)
*    Restore/Remove Eyeshadow
*    Show/Hide Lipstick Layer
*    Lipstick Blend Slider (regulates lipstick intensity)
*    Lipstick Gloss Slider (regulates gloss intensity)
*    Restore/Remove Lipstick Default
*    Lashes – 2 styles – On/Off functions
*    Lashes tint options (retractable colour picker)
*    Hairbase Show/Hide
*    Hairbase tint options (retractable colour picker)
*    Save Presets (five retractable preset buttons)

Lets start by wearing the alpha of your preferance, the head and the hud like in the picture below


Now please attach your Maitreya or Slink body also wear the hands and feet so once you click on it this is going to apply to whole body and it can turn your life easyer (I’m using Maytreya’s body on this tutorial). Open your Head’s hud by clicking on the black and white icon with a nose and mouth as that one I placed on the upper left side of my screen, you are going to find the skin tone options, so Youcan click and choose between 10 basic skin colors and pic one of your preferance.

Next thing you need to do is to wear the correct applier for the body you are using and click on it to apply, if you are using Lara body you dont need the neck fix, so please go to your Maitreya Lara body folder, find your hud and attach it, then go to the second tab each says: Skins & Options, you will find under tree feet silhouettes a button Neck Fix ON/OFF click on it if your neck is showing an alpha layer larger than the head neck, it’s unnecessary now.

Now if you followed all the steps correctly, you probably not have your avatar with all body parts perfectly matching and looking stunning, its time for what I call the funniest part. Let’s go to the other parts of the hud. There are few features that at least for me are totally new, the first I tried is about the skin glow, you can change the opacity, and you also can remove or restore, you can see it with advanced lights turned on. With this present you can do kind of a wet look on a beach or a soft sweaty realistic and sexy lady.

One thing that made me really happy and I felt it is really special in my case and for the albino girls ( the really white and exotic girls like us) for me as I’m a ginger its magic to have the possibility to change between 2 lashes styles and you also can change the lashes colors manually !
*I wish we could to it with the lipstick and I with there were buttons to enlarge the hud and to restore the size, sometimes I can’t read, its really hard to understand where is written > Save preset<

Other really awesome thing about the hud is that you can change the opacity for the eyeshadow and also for the lipstick, I know that many girls are going to be happy with it. There is a option to control the gloss too ❤ lovely or wonderful?

OOpsi Fic, you came online on last gif ^^ hahaha

Ok so theres many reasons to love, right? Wait if you still don’t like you must be a heart braker, or maybe I forgot one step! Lets see if what you still dont like is the shape! yes i saw some girls saying that this looks weird in some girls, and that the same head looks prety in one girl and not for the other. Lets go again ^^ Please kindly edit your shape, go to head tab, and just fix a little ❤ ok this is all for today I’m going to my bed ladies muahzz ❤

✿Featuring on first pic✿

Hair: Olive – Charry Hairband: Lode

✿Featuring on 2nd pic✿

Lelutka Mesh Head Leda and Truth hair Willa

Mavi said on bloggers group:

Hello dear bloggers,

we just wanted to clarify that our heads are created in a way that will allow other designers to make appliers for them.
The designers involved in the skin making process will be chosen by our team, while developer kits for the creation of makeups for the heads will be available to any designer requesting it.

Just to give you guys a heads up as some of you seem to be confused about appliers.

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