Anoid Looking for Bloggers + New Mesh Store!


Anoid Is look for bloggers!! I’m going to publish when stores needs  bloggers<3

Here its a really good one ❤

Send a notecard to Rodrigo Aubin with the following infos:


– Your name

– Blog link

– Flickr link

– Amount of time blogging

– Blog feeds

– Report if you have still available group space



Talking about Architecture, I found this simply hot, I told Rodrigo thats this could probably be one of my favorites . He is so kind and give me the opportunity to see the stores and give my opinion while he is building it ( a big thank you for your consideration). Okay so we present you the Paint Store. I totally, see it decorated, like mannequins on showcase with a good AD behind it, some plants on the wall maybe, a 3d logo over the front door, a cute garden.. As you can see, O dropped it on a with lightening box for you to see that it’s well texturized and with lightning without windlight, so it can really save your life if you r doing a skybox store, and if you want this to be on ground this don’t gives you a claustrophobic feeling, because of the lightening on door, and it have a wall that you can open to link to other store or to place a window!
Lets take a look inside..



And this is the wall that I was talking about

Snapshot_020 My concern is to edit, decorate but keep the the design as it is for better quality.

Its easy to rezz with the rezzing box ❤ so this is it xoxo ❤


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