Portrait Windlights

Hello everyone! Today I decided to post my first Windlight pack. Many friends of mine asked me a lot about the windlights that I use to do my portrait pictures and some ADs. Well I like to create my own windlight according to what I want, Many times I dont even save it so this is why I never posted windlights before. Today I recreated some pressets that I use the most and saved. I usually like the portrait pictures to have a soft light and shadow I use glow on shadow for  a soft result on my pics. the pictures above were taken out off my studio for you to see the light but I normally take this pictures on a white bg.
This is a windlight for face shots so in my opinion this works better with a soft light and soft shadow. I works especially if you r not mesh avatar, because it you must avoid deforming your shape or changing the skin color.


Antonietta canucci Windlights

Get these windlights  ❤ HERE

How to instal:

Dowload the windlights, and paste it into the folder:

(if you use Windows Vista or Windows 7)

C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\SecondLife\user_settings\windlight\skies
(if you use Windows XP)

menu/ /Library/Application Support/SecondLife/user_settings/windlight/skies
(if you use Mac)

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