Home is the place where heart is <3

 safe place 2

Hello everyone, I’m so so happy that I found a place for me, this was awesome to decorate my land with my dear friend shadow! This was awesome and funny. “At first I was afraid” haha, because I’m always worried doesn’t matter why, I’m just worried about doing everything, and then Shad told me I should buy a parcel I was like – Oh my god, I need to trust on me, I don’t know if I can remember the day to pay it, I’m always busy omg omg omg…. But I just fell in love for this land, full of talented ppl, who are very skilled for decoration, the Island residents just made this an amazing place, everyone are friends and oh my gosh!
I would totally concern you to have your place in second life. Some ppl say that they see no reason for having a house in sl, I think you must really see if u r going to use that. But if you are like me, I mean afraid of buying but you really want to have a place to decorate, for the life style, to be with friends.. than you should give a chance for this idea, try!


safe place 1



HAIR:  Little Bones @Collabor88


KMONO N SHIRT: Atomic @Collabor88
PANTS: Maitreya
 SHOES: Pure Poison @XIASUMI


NECKLACE: Lagyo @Collabor88


Del May



By: Antonietta✿

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