Anoid Stores!


This days I was looking for a Store, I searched for something new and I found this creator on flickr. I presented myself as a blogger and he was verry kind with me , gave me a review copy of Surla store to show you guys. We talked a lot about its design. He asked me for my opinion about textures, space, displays lights. I’m going to say to you the same that I told him. First of all for me this is a new, different from other beautiful stories in the sim that are aways the same and the store’s owner change a little bit, they are really beautiful but sometimes we need more options so new things are aways the best ones. I also told him about my problem with stores without windows or with dark lightening, I love the sun light I love places with good lightening and big windows. Surla store have great textures i think this is really large with clean style and well textured I loved. and omg the owner is so sweet haha ❤





Anoid presents to you, SURLA Store!! An happy new project just done! I’d like opinions, so comment!










Prims: 155


Area: 50 per 50


Price: 1499 L$




Visit it at


Other Beautiful buildings by him:



Isn’t he talented? Oh ya.. :*

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