Sunset Whispers + Found Windlight!

sunset wishperHey there I have been looking around for some stuff, since i have no time to upload more hairs this week unfortunately. For me this is great, this means that there are many photos to edit yayyy!!! I found great windlights, if you like to take photos you should take a look.
Many of you should know this talented guy, but for those who still don’t know he is Jay Tedder Murs >Flickr< from Battle Scars blog ( its a very high quality fashion blog for men). All the windlights are very well done, the sky is amazing I totally love it, he released a new one so pay attention on his flicker to know when he is going to post more of this great stuff 🙂



HAIR: Moon @ The Chapter Four
HANDS: Slink
SKIN: Lara Hurley – Ivy



OUTFIT: LpD @ The Chapter Four


HAT: Swallow TDR
NECKLACE: Zaara @Summerfest


✿ WINDLIGHT (founds*)  ✿

Get his windlight here!

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