Pink Summer


Hello everybody! Finally this is time to celebrate the summer. The summerfest 2014 is now running! So come on and enjoy this adorable summer event  <3. The  event is approaching great creators there are really creative and funny items  for you.

I particularly loved these flamingos from !Ohmai , they are so graceful and will provide a colorful tropical companion this summer season, coming in a range of  poses that ONLY a flamingo can achieve.  And I can’t forget to mention!!! You can use them to fly away *-* (crying diamonds).

This is the map to help you to find  faster, your favorite creators:




HAIR: Exile @Summerfest
HANDS: Slink
SKIN: Lara Hurley – Ivy



BIKINI:  Erratic @Summerfest


HAT: Leverocci
NECKLACE: kunglers @ Lacessories

✿ Scenery  ✿

FLAMINGOS: !Ohmai @Summerfest


✿ Location  ✿

The Trace

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