About fashion word of SL



high 2Hello guys, I have been busy working in real live and I spent all the rest of my time editing pictures for my clients. But than I noticed that people were missing me here, and at the moment my friends said, where are you? why dont you enjoy blogging more?. So I decided to reserve a time to do some quick pictures for my blog. My blog for me is not only for me to relax and let all stress go away, but this is training, this blog and the photography have helped me too much, I’m now skilled to operate some programs that the rest of my fashion class in real life are now starting to understand. Moreover, I heard some people saying that fashion in Second life is different than in Real Life and I can surely say to you  that this is not true. Fashion in SL is made by people, and when we create something we are not only mixing our style on it ( when we create something we put some aspects of our lifes on it, even when we draw we put our characteristics somewhere), we are also doing something we would like to wear, something that we imagine that is “fresh fashion”. The creators on Sl also uses Pantone colors on their creations what means that as in real life fashion consumers want the same things and have the same interests, we need to remember that there are persons behind the avatar, and this makes Sl so real. The way that the rounds of events are done and the way that the collections are created for the seasons provide us the miracle of fashion cicle and this is real so congratulations for all SL designers, you are not just playing a game, also for this wonderfull bloggers who are avid journalists, and fashion photographers and fashionists ❤

I just felt I had to say that and give all my compliments, as you know this is not my main language so sometimes its hard for me to express me professionally but I think I can express myself with basic stuff .

high3And be welcome to Sl Notanother Chic Zafari as I felt I’m very welcome as a blogger, thank you for being so sweet!



HAIR: Truth @ The arcade
HANDS: Slink
SKIN: Lara Hurley – Ivy



CORSET: Chick Zafari – Femme Fatale – Katerine corset
LINGERIE: Fish Stralberry @ The Chapter Four
SHOES: Bens Beauty –  Audrey


BAGS: Lethal


✿ POSE  ✿


✿ Location  ✿




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