I saw people confused about best way to upload the photos to Second Life™ , than here I am to help you.

Ok so first of all you need to know that SL™ supports three different file types : jpg, png or tga. This different files offers different results, depending on the picture, sometimes you need to know how to choose the right type.


You should know that : SL have limits image uploads to a maximum of 2048 pixels in each direction. All files that bigger than this will be rejected – files are then resized to 1024 on its largest size.
SL will resize any picture to the nearest power of two – i.e. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 , so a 27 x 62 picture is resized to 32 x 64, so your picture will be distorted.


jpg : I like to upload pictures in jpg because in general  can be resized without pixelation or jaggies. The resize will have better effect if you do it in Photoshop or similars and not in the viewer. And if you are creating a picture with transparent effect, this is not going to work.
PNG : Good if you are uploading a logo, or a diagram, vectorial pictures but not so good for photography, and do not resize it! PNG files don’t support transparency either. (now this supports)
TGA :This is like PNG, but it supports Transparency. This is useful if you are trying to create make up, alpha layers, clothings or building textures.

You should be carefull with your pictures or photos, if you want to have good quality and especially if you want to offer good qualitty  you must know how the wrong decision here might disort your work. And if you are a photographer  I also suggest you to plan your picture sizes, the portrait sizes, full body sizes  and see if its good in sl, do some tests.

Don’t forget to  add a logo or a signature to your pictures, all photos needs to have something to prove its made by someone, and believe me even with the signature  someone is going to stol the picture, but if you put a logo on it someone will probably tell you and you will find the person that is using it without your permission. This advice also goes to make up, skins, clothing, tattos or building creators, you need to include your name or logo somewhere because unfortunatelly there are  something I call ” dark side of marketplace”  they are called copybooters, they simply use a software to take your picture or mesh whatever you created and start to sell this. I know that some pictures I’ve done, and I saw  pictures made by some friends being used by them, this is tragic.

Now  I wish you a good luck with your photos ❤


3 thoughts on “UPLOADING TO SL |Tutorial|

  1. Hello! There is a mistake in there. You say “PNG files don’t support transparency either”
    Well, they o and they do it quite well.

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