▲On ASH▲
Skin: Vive9
Hair: Liquence
Eyes: ID
Brows:The Skin Shop
Ears: Mandala
Lipstick:The Skin Shop
Eyeshadow:The Skin Shop
Lashes: Pink Acid
Necklace: Lethal
Body Harmet: Ryca
Dress: Devour
Shoes: Faun
Mesh Breast: Lolas

 ▲On me▲

Skin: Vive9
Eyes: ID
Hair: Epoque
Hands: Slink
Eyeshadow:The Skin Shop
Brows: The Skin Shop
Lipstick: Pink Acid
Earring: Things
Necklace: Things
Body Harmet: Renegade
Stole: Ryvolter
Dress: Liv Glam
Shoes: Diktator


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