Looking for bikinis, Summer Products? Why not Amarelo Manga? Ok Ok let me explain.

A long time ago, I heard a bout a now shopping growing, I also heard tha the owner is Brasilian like me (just like when Ricielli was beggining, in a big skybox with great products) than I decided to go thereand  take a look. I found really nice stuff. As a fashion designer I loved (cos here in Brasil designers have a  little conflict about designers that says tha  Brasilian fashion must show our couture, and other ones tha says they are Brasilians so they can do europian fashion and this is going to be brasilian becouse this is made by a Brasilian designer and…. for me they are nuts). I was like OMG! This is sooo Brasil! So hot, so citric, I can feel the beach breese here. And this was the day I met Luana Barzane, she was there “uploading” the shop, and you can’t imagine how sweet she is, we talk, I went home, after a long time she remembered me haha ❤ love you my friend.



HAIR: Lelutka
HANDS: Slink
SKIN: Essences


BIKINI: Amarelo Manga
SKIRT: Milk Motion


NECKLACE: Glow Studio
HAT: Baiastice


POSE: Pose+ivity


Amarelo Manga collection:

9151622505_deae70dc68_z TAXI

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